Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Orange Curd Braided Bread

For the holidays I do a lot of baking, canning, and cooking.  This year I tried my hand at spiced orange curd, and while it turned out pretty good, I had more left over than I knew what to do with before it went bad. I also have about 20 pounds of flour left over that I desperately want to bake through, if for no other reason than to make more space in my pantry.

So I went in search of something I could make with both flour and curd and I found this recipe for braided lemon bread:  It seemed easy enough to adjust for my purposes.

I substituted homemade spiced orange curd for the lemon curd, orange juice for lemon juice in the cream cheese filling, and honey greek yogurt for plain regular yogurt in the dough. I also ended up leaving the dough to rise for 2.5 hours instead of 90 minutes for the first rise because I mistimed a few things and had to run off to a dance class. Still, it seemed to work out just fine.

Result: I need practice braiding bread but, taste wise it was Super Tasty

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