Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sticky Buns

Mmmmmm.... sticky buns.... one of the best ooey gooey tasty indulgences ever, if I may make so bold a claim, and not as hard to home bake as one might think.  No, I'm not talking about one of those jack-in-the-box for adults tubes of dough that you buy in the store, pop open while trying not to scare yourself, and stick in the oven.  I mean from scratch, let the dough rise and make your own sugary glaze type of home baking.

The original Bon Appetit recipe for these sticky buns can be found here: The Ultimate Sticky Bun. I've also copied the recipe below, marked of course with my own adaptations and changes. Before you get started, you should know that this isn't a quick or clean home bake, so be prepared to be in and out of the kitchen for a few hours at the very least (not counting rising times), and to be willing to clean a lot of dishes (or do what I do and clean as you go - saves on time later).  Especially if this is your first time making these.

As always, I recommend following the recipe the first time around.  After that, have fun and experiment.  This last time I added orange juice to one half of the glaze, rose water to the other half, and used roasted/salted pistachios instead of pecans for the batch covered in the rose water glaze.  Delicious.  Mixing it up in terms of flavors, spices, nuts, fruit, etc. can be really fun and lead to amazingly tasty results, but it's good to know that the recipe works first, and I don't suggest messing with the dough too much (at least for these).