Thursday, June 2, 2016

*Cough**Cough* - random updates while I recupe from another cold

With a lack of recently decorated cakes, culinary experiments, or progress on either my Circus Tent BB-8 Droid projects, I have been left with something of a lull in updates. The persistent cough, newly developed allergies, and my increasingly busy academic schedule are definitely not helping matters.  I am determined however, to get back into a more regular posting schedule. So to kick June off on a bright note, some fun news!

Filming on a new Netflix Original Series began in my area, and I got called up to be an extra (so I may or may not actually make it into the background, but hey, paying work that is also fun!).  The show is called "Thirteen Reasons Why" and while the premise is definitely not unicorns and rainbows (it's about a girl who commits suicide and sends 13 tapes as her suicide note), I have heard that the book it is based on of the same title is really good.  I'll admit, I went to the casting call on a lark because my Dad and a friend were interested. I didn't actually think I would get a callback.

Edits on my adventure fiction book are coming along well, and I have received positive reviews from a few people that make me confidant in the direction it's going. Also in the book world, I have begun collecting my culinary experiments into a makeshift cookbook. I'm thinking I may get it self-published just because I can and I know at least some of my family may be interested in what goes in there. I would, of course, also include the handwritten recipes of my late step-mother so there's some sentimental value in the collection.

Next up in the culinary/cake world is my attempt at Death By Chocolate Cake, loosely inspired by a recipe in this cookbook: Of course, as with everything that comes out of my kitchen, I have put my own spin on things.

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