Friday, August 5, 2016

Stabbing at a river...

"Where is the Orcslayer!?"
"Killing a river."

- Journey Quest, Episode 3

And of course, the next time we see this "warrior" he is, in fact, attempting to stab a river to death with a sword. Because.... reasons.

Anyways, July was crazy busy. So was June for that matter, but June was the kind of crazy build-up busy that leads to a level of schedule madness that can only be described as, well, July. My July at least.

San Diego Comic Con was amazing fun, Nerdfest!2016 (Wizarding World) was meant to be 24 hours of movie marathoning and themed food but actually ended up lasting over 25 hours, and I found a new place to live so I've been prepping a move. Last week was also finals week - 11 hours of finals which were done over the course of 1.5 days.  Also, I became an aunt to two beautiful twin girls.  So you know, not much has been happening. >_>

I have been working on writing up the panels I attended at SDCC, going through the pictures from Nerdfest, and working on a new piece I might serialize. So, unlike last time I updated, there is more to come soon.

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